Must Have Gear

By the time I took my first steps toward learning to run I had been through a year and a half with a hip issue which kept me from walking around the block at times.  The odds were stacked against me from doing much of any exercise let alone run!  (You can read more about the people and exercise that helped me get through that time in the Good Doctoring page).

Without good equipment I could have not completed the Running 101 class at my local running store, A Snails Pace. (Cute huh?).  Whether you’re walking, running or a little of both PLEASE set yourself up with a few items that not only help to protect your body when you exercise, but will help you to keep good form as well.  You may spend a bit of money on these 4 items, but the investment will reward you with success!  Without them you may be setting yourself up for possible injury, discomfort, (which is a distraction you don’t need), as well as disappointment.



Please, Please, PLEASE don’t start any kind of walking or running program without a good pair of shoes!  And please, please, PLEASE don’t buy a pair of shoes by yourself!  Go to a REAL running store and have a REAL sales person, with REAL running experience fit you with a proper pair of shoes!

A Snails Pace here in SoCal have teams of great people who are kind, encouraging and knowledgeable!  Take time to make  a good connection with your local store.  Getting you into the right shoe should include a sales person observing you walk or run on the floor or on a treadmill, first without shoes.  That way they can determine if you need a stability or neutral shoe.  Believe me it makes a difference!  A good shoe (which doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive), will not only protect your feet, but your ankles and shins too in the long run.

Let the salesperson know what your goals are.  They may be able to direct you to a group of beginner runners if they don’t conduct classes themselves.



There is nothing better than finding a really good bra that, whether you walk or run in, you feel protected!  I used to think my bras were fairly stable, but even when I was just walking the dogs  I felt the little ladies going in two different directions by the time I got back home!  GEEZ!  Then I found a really great running bra and wow!!!  What a difference!  I feel, err, the girls feel quite comfy, cozy, and secure!!

The greatest bra in the world for me is called the “Juno“made by Moving Comfort which, I believe, was just bought by Brooks.  The front may look a little like armor, but believe me YOU WANT THAT!  The back has a very secure and comfortable criss-cross shape for great support and Velcro adjustable straps in the front for an easy-peasy and precise cup fit!  You’ll never have to use your hands for support again!!!  Yeehawww!!

The Moving Comfort brand goes up to 40DD, but if you need larger than that, PLEASE check out Oprah Winfrey’s bra of choice which is made by a company called Enell.  It looks more like a comfy corset…super soft and sturdy.  They go up to size 52DD.



You know it’s soooooo amazing what our feet can do and have done for us.  No really.  Think about it.

My size 9’s have carried me everywhere I’ve ever been all my life.  These flats have taken me to some very cool places and some not too cool places, but the fact of the matter is that they have always been there for me.  They’ve been my platform for everything I’ve ever stood for, literally.  Now I’m asking them to be there for me as I glide from one run to another.  Of course I’m going to treat them right!!!

I know that in the past I have worn “athletic” socks that I thought were sufficient for long walks, but they wouldn’t keep me from getting blisters, (and that was with just walking).  So I decided to lay down a few bucks for REAL running socks!  My feet were elated to say the least!

My favorites are Balegas Hidden Comfort because are VERY padded!  They don’t inch up and I have yet to get a blister from wearing them.  I also like the Feetures brand of sock as well and I’ve seen some very interesting socks from New Balance that boast a ThermoCool technology that might be great for longer runs or warmer days.  I have yet to try them and will blog on them in the future if they’re worth it!



I see a lot of people out on the streets exercising without any hydration support whatsoever, albeit a bottle of water, water belt, or camelback.

When you start your walk/run regime please get used to carrying some water with you no matter what the weather is or how far you’ll be going.  There were numerous times that I would go out of the house thinking I was only going to go a short distance, but decided to go farther.  Going the distance felt fantastic and I was happy to refresh myself along the way, especially if it was a warm day!  Nothing can make you peter out faster than when your dehydrated!

There are a plethora of additives that you can add to your water for flavor and can aid in replenishing electrolytes.  This is HUGE when you are doing enough exercise to build up a sweat!  And believe me, you will quickly build up distance and speed with the tried and true method I was taught on how to run.  (Go to How to Run page)

Now while there is a lot more at a running store that can help you during a run to me these were the most important.  If you are a beginner walker, I would advise you that in the near future to find appropriate clothing that won’t rub or chap which are usually those designed for runners actually.  But I get that you may rely on old sweat or yoga pants in the very beginning!  But keep this in mind, its amazing how great a new running outfit feels, but more than that a new outfit is a sign of commitment and intention that you’re giving yourself toward becoming a healthier you!

So that’s it for this page!  It’s enough to get you safely moving…so come on ladies!

Get up, get out the door and be on your way!