Truth be told…

Life. It happens. It just keeps rolling and, coupled with time, they push us ahead into the continuum. We are not victims, although at times we feel we are. We are but mere perpetuate passengers moving forward to the next event.

We fill our time with responsibilities and obligations. We mark our time with celebrations. But we give meaning to our time with challenges and adventures.

I have always tried to give meaning to time by using all the facilities I have been given…my ears, my nose, my eyes, my hands and feet, my breath and voice.

I make the time, everyday, to…

SEE and absorb all that I can as though I have a photographic memory, burning images in my mind so that I may always remember them.

HEAR everything around me from the whisper of the fall leaves brushing against the wind to the screams of a baby needing its mothers arms so that even in silence I can hear.

TASTE the nutrient-rich foods that are put before me so that I may savor and appreciate the complexities of ingredients.

SMELL the world around me so that my mind can identify forever more where I am and mark it with time.

TOUCH and FEEL all of life’s textures so that I may always see even without the light.

I strive to do all of this with thankfulness and gratitude because I know they are gifts. Any one of these senses, or all, can be taken away from me in a moments notice. And one day they will. But not now and not without being used to their fullest.

Truth be told I do this not just for myself. I do it for those who can no longer use them. Sweet dreams my loves. 🙏🏼 ❤️

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