Stepping Up Your Game

Eeegads!!!  I can not tell you how many times I’ve wanted to jump off this 1/2 marathon path I put myself on!  I go for a run, feeling all good about adding another mile to my training and feeling strong enough to not only add another mile but PR overall as well!  But every time I add another mile it’s as though I’ve added 10!  My groin aches, blisters form, and what the heck is  happening with my elbow?  My elbow hurts for crying out loud!!!!  Why would that be?!!

I am only 5 weeks away from my first 1/2 and the farthest I’ve gone so far is 10 miles. I know I should really shut up and just be damn proud of myself for getting to this point. Ok, ok I’ll cut myself some slack for now!  But as a struggle to increase mileage I ask myself, “how the heck do I get faster???”  I AM SOOOOO SLOW!!!  💩

I tried out a place last week that may help me increase strength which may help both my endurance and speed!  It’s a place called Stride in Pasadena, Ca.  It’s strictly for runners and walkers because the entire class is on treadmills…some classes are all treadmill running and some have two sets of 20 minute treadmill with 10 minutes strength training off the treadmill.  All classes have a coach telling you when to increase incline and speed depending on whatever your base abilities are.  Great motivational coaching and kicka_s music with just the right tempo totally pumped me up!!!!  I loved it!!

And the next day I ran for 7miles and felt faster and steadier the whole time!!!

I will employ this into the rest of my training for sure and hope it will, overall, just gives me the little extra push I’m looking for!  Although at this point my friends, 10 miles still seems like an awfully long way from 13.1!!  GEEEZ!!

Send me any links or videos of your favorite strengthening routines…PLEASE!!!  😊  Every little bit of advice will help!!💪🏼

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  1. Albert Vergara says:

    Congratulations on the higher mileage!! You’re gonna kill it at you Half!!


  2. Albert Vergara says:

    Oh, as far as a link, I have enjoyed the info on YouTube posted by The Run Experience.


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