As Life Goes On….Part Duex (That Means Two)

So hopefully you read about my little pity party ๐ŸŽ‰ I threw myself in Part One.  With both my toe and the ball of my foot still aching like crazy I began to question if I should even drop out of the race.  But what a shame, I thought.  I’ve been working for this for months!  Ugh!  All of these reservations and plans!  ….wonder if I should put it off until next year….blah, blah, blah!!!!!

Then something WAAAAAAY more important came up…something beautiful๐Ÿ˜!

I got to spend time with my daughter last week and she announced to my husband and I that she had met someone…someone “VERY” nice.  It’s the way she said those words “very” and “nice” that struck my heart.  It was not the usual description that she would give about a guy and I knew it came directly from someplace special inside her.  It said to me that this one was different.

My daughter has not been big on dating in her life.  Yes, she’s had a couple of boyfriends, but the “unhealthy” kind of guys that leave a bitter, unsettling taste in your mouth.  It was easier for her to have a guy be a “friend” rather than a “boyfriend” because it was safer.  I think it’s the way she protected herself from heartache.  Although she has enjoyed the friendships that she’s made along the way she stuck to mingling mostly with groups of guy and girl friends as opposed to getting into a “one on one” relationship. 

But in the last couple of years she has worked very hard to discover who she is and all that she is capable of…she loves herself now more than ever!  She has been able to shed that negative, fearful, blanket she wore for so long and let the world come in. So it stands to reason that in the most positive time of her life she would attract an equally positive man.

Now I know this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the one, but it does mean that she’s ready to receive and be a part of a deeper kind of relationship!  Yeah baby!  Take a chance and roll that dice!  It’s worth it!  And THAT is what makes my heart sing!!โค๏ธ …..I am very happy for her and for this part of her life’s journey! 

My daughters news was not only a distraction from my own negativity, but also a reminder on how dig myself out of the hole I was digging….

1) Self pitying should be short lived, (if you must go there at all)!  2) Fretting about something gets you nothing but restless sleep.  3) Have patience and be positive so that the natural law of attraction can take over…be positive and good things will come!  I have prepared for this for months and have visualized that finish line many times over….my toe is not broken and will not stop me from getting to that finish line!

So please think of me on the 21st as I lace up, K2tape up and just plain giddyup my way down Martha’s Vineyard 13.1 scenic miles with a smile on my face knowing that my girl is exactly where she needs to be in this world!                         

And so do I !!!!๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธโค๏ธ


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