As Life Goes On…Part 1

So just 3 weeks before my very first super-duper, ever-so-exciting, been-working-so-hard, “runcation” half marathon on Martha’s Vineyard I went for a 7-8 mile taper run and by mile 6 the excruciating pain of what I thought was a broken toe and the burning of my calf muscles stopped me in my tracks…I could NOT take another step!  ðŸ’©!!!!!

Although I have not been perfect with my training, I know I’ve been damn good about getting the miles in.  I wanted to cry, really, but only in that moment because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to run the half!

But once I traced back the 3-4 weeks prior to that run I knew that I had really been slacking with my nutritional needs.  I wasn’t drinking enough water or eating all that I should be…traveling for business really had gotten in the way of doing all that I needed to do so close s race.

But in reality my toe is not broken, just strained and I have been hydrating like a camel 🐫 and then some!  I am eating the proper nutrition I need to complete 13.1.  And even though I need to rest my foot I am keeping my cardio up by cycling, elliptical and arm/leg workouts.  I feel a lot better today than I did last week after the worst run I’ve ever had!!

I guess that I’m realizing that at my age, and being menopausal, I walk a fine line with regards to my health and well being.  Step off the path a little and things get thrown off.  Stay on it and all should be fine.  

No lie, I’m nervous, but I’m sooooo excited at the same time!  Wish me luck!❤🏃‍♀️

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  1. Albert Vergara says:

    Good job on keeping up the cardio and strength training! Good luck on race day!!


    1. The Menopausal Runner says:



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